About Us

“Under The Tuscan Sun’s”

Cortona, Italy

Early in my career I was fortunate to learn at some great companies like AT&T and Sterling Software.  From concept to delivery, I learned how to design new products and bring them to market.  Throughout those years, I craved the independence that enables creativity.

Our goal is to continuously build a community of enthusiastic customers around each client's business.  When customers and clients love the products and services you provide, they will be fiercely loyal and enthusiasticly share their experience with your business.   They understand that they can play a part in keeping your business going.  This is what Facebook was really designed for!  So we make it EASY for them.  Siegel WebWorks' clients who have embraced this mantra are seeing measurable results, in some cases surpassing their wildest dreams!  

.Happily, Siegel WebWorks' target market keeps growing. We work with proactive clients who understand the value of consistent branding, engaging online presence and outreach, and appreciate the deep skill sets required to accomplish these.

.The most valuable part of the services we offer is the custom coordination all of the tools we design; your logo/signage, website content, and multi-channel marketing, to your best business advantage.  Each client’s needs are different, and learning to anticipate them grows out of strong client relationships.  

.Today building a community of customers and strategic supporters around your small business is the critical path to success